Best Coast Cheeseburger

In recent weeks we’ve heard about musician-versus-audience showdowns involving Fiona Apple and Neko Case that resulted in both singers erupting at their fans. Now let’s add Best Coast to their number, although to be fair, this incident is a whole lot funnier and stranger. In an interview with Self-Titled (via Pitchfork), Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino detailed a recent altercation at Indiana University that involved a fan hurling a cheeseburger at her:

“I don’t put up with hecklers … When people come to see us play, they need to understand that we’re in charge of the show. We’re performing for you. We make the setlist. We pick the songs we’re going to play. And you paid money to come see us do that. So if you yell some annoying thing to me, I am not going to pretend I didn’t hear it. Last week, we played at Indiana University, and there was this kid that kept yelling ’Play something better!’ and I was like ’What the fuck does that mean?’ And then he threw a cheeseburger at me, and I lost it. I was like ’Fuck you! Get the fuck out of here!’ I was just screaming on the mic, and all the kids at the concert were like, ’That was so badass, I can’t believe you did that!’”

Why were there cheeseburgers at a rock show? Maybe a better question is: Why aren’t there cheeseburgers at every rock show?

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  1. More polls!

  2. I swear to the internet gods, if Bethany Cosentino is ever playing a music festival I’m attending, I’m going to stop by that stage during her set so I can throw a McDonalds cheeseburger at her.

  3. I’ve wondered why more bands don’t play colleges. Now I get it.

  4. It has come to this. If you are Best Coast, you have two choices: play something better or have a cheeseburger thrown at you.

  5. Why isn’t this in the “Where’s the Beef” section?

  6. Beef Coast

  7. maybe it was meant as a thank you

  8. “And all the kids at the concert were like, ‘That was so badass, I can’t believe you did that!”

    YEAA FUCKING RIGHT BETHANY. I sincerely doubt that’s what happened. If so then these kids clearly don’t understand what ‘badass’ means.

    The only thing badass is the kid who trolled Bethany. Indiana University is a massive school, and even if their venue was relatively modest (still doubtful considering BC was just opening arenas for passion pit this year) am I really supposed to believe one heckler really was so disruptive in a big crowd as to rustle her jimmies that easily? A large venue that BC would likely play is very much different from the quiet, intimate performances that Neko Case or Fiona routinely play at where yells and hollers would clearly be inappropriate. Stupid ignorant comments should always be yelled at all large venues. Always.

    Her lame response of “what the fuck does that mean?” resulted in a cheeseburger to the face? This is textbook badassery; a dish best served rudely and unexpectedly. You want fries with that?

    That’s what it fucking means Bethany, a cheeseburger to the motherfuckin’ face.

  9. Bloomington, IN for the win! Bloomington is one of the chillest/friendliest places you will ever visit. If someone from Bloomington throws a cheesburger at you, you more than likely had it coming. If you were to throw a cheeseburger at someone FROM Bloomington, they would probably end up being one of your best friends. That being said, every year more and more greasy dickheads from New York/New Jersey come here to go to school/flood the streets with Escalades/waste their parent’s money/live life like Jersey Shore rejects…….so that very well could have had something to do with this.

    • Yes, definitely, New Jersey threw that cheeseburger. Now it all makes sense. I knew Indiana was totally chill and awesome and incapable of producing a person who would throw a cheeseburger, but now that I know that people from New Jersey have infiltrated Indiana, it’s obvious who to blame. I wonder what other atrocities people from New Jersey have committed that have heretofore been attributed to people from other states. I wouldn’t be surprised if New Jersey is responsible for the entire contemporary country music scene. I heard some people from New Jersey moved to Nashville a while back.

  10. I have to admit that I am a little concerned about the increase in this type of thing. Maybe it is just covered more.

    That said, she handled this the wrong way. She should have caught the thing, taken a bite and asked if he had fries. Either that or laugh it off and hand out 100 cheeseburgers at their next show.

    Now she is just going to have people throwing cheeseburgers at her all the time.

  11. Why couldn’t this have happened at a Morrissey show?

  12. Shoot, I’m gonna put on the rider of my next gig that people DO throw cheeseburgers at me. The way to a band’s heart is through their stomach. I mean, why else would Passion Pit partner with Taco Bell? ;)

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