Rilo Kiley Emotional Video

Rilo Kiley already shared one video from its career-spanning rarities collection rkives, the fan-servicey tour footage montage “Let Me Back In.” Today they’ve released visuals for “Emotional,” a B-side from 2002′s The Execution Of All Things, and the footage is from far earlier — specifically, it cobbles together black-and-white scenes from the ’50s and ’60s. Director Austin Nagler talked to Rolling Stone about his inspiration:

The video makes me think of the way Bill Hicks would often end his act by saying ’The world is like a ride at an amusement park. When I originally cut the video, I put footage of Hicks performing that quote with half of it before the vid and the other half after.

As for the song: It’s incredible. If you’re a big enough Rilo Kiley fan to bump the B-sides, you probably already knew that. Find the video below for your enjoyment.

rkives is out now via Little Record Company.

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  1. When this band was good, they were so fucking good. Killer tune!

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