Eddie Vedder Shaves Fan's Dreadlocks

On Saturday night, a Pearl Jam fan in Spokane held up a sign promising to let the band shave his dreadlocked head if they’d perform his request, “Brain Of J.” They brought him onstage to headbang with his formidable dreads one last time to the Yield opener, then Eddie Vedder busted out clippers for a lengthy shearing session while his bandmates played 12-bar blues. It’s silly, fun, and worth watching, so do that below.

(via Jambase)

PJ’s Lightning Bolt is out now via Monkeywrench, Inc. Read our review here.

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  1. That guy probably hadn’t washed his hair since Ten was released.

  2. George Carlin on keys? Nice.

  3. This is the coolest thing that PJ has ever done. ever.

  4. Look at the huge shit rope hanging from that guy’s head! This guy’s about to lose 60 pounds of hair, dirt, patchouli oil, and loneliness.

  5. That’s some Prince Akeem Coming to America from-birth hair he lost right there. Dude will have a story to tell people ……

  6. dreadful.

    (shows himself out)

  7. I was there. Steve Gleason was there. He helped make the set list for this show.
    It was a great set! Good job Steve!

    Here is a cool vid about him and Pearl Jam.


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