Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap placed near the top of our 2013 albums list, and we’re not the only ones who’ve been seduced by the young Chicago MC’s spasmodic rasp; he’s also been mixing it up with a wide range of eminent musicians. We heard Chance’s recent collaborations with James Blake and Childish Gambino, but neither of those guys gave the young Mr. Bennett the audience that his latest duet partner can leverage.

Yes, Chance has teamed with Justin Bieber, and the song they came up with is a seriously excellent slice of futuristic R&B on which the Biebs bears a distinct Drake influence. (He also sounds kind of like Chris Brown, so results may vary.) As for Chance, he doesn’t get a lot of room to work here, but he delivers a typically smart, spry syllable spray. It’s one of the best pop singles I’ve heard this year, and you can hear it below.

“Confident” is the tenth and final installment of Bieber’s #MusicMonday series leading up to the Christmas day release of his movie Believer. The song is available now at iTunes.

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  1. Besides anything else, that design is awful.

  2. Honestly, that was just really bad. Chance’s verse was okay but to suggest this is one of the best pop singles of the year… like, pop singles have been more on point this year than they have in many years, so…

  3. The production copies the style on Acid Rap, and then Chance has a 30 second verse, fuck that.

  4. If this is the direction he’s trying to go then I’m fine with that. It’s not like he’s talent-less; he’s just a total d-bag and has been making shitty pop music for his 13 yr old fans.

  5. I’ve enjoyed #MusicMondays more than 20/20 Experience Vol’s 1 & 2 tbh

  6. The day Stereogum posts JBiebs is the day we officially know everything has gone downhill….

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