Lorde No Better

A$AP Mob assured us that Lordes never worry (or something like that), but this is still some unfortunate timing for New Zealand’s anti-excess teen queen: She released surprise new music online at the same time as Beyoncé. In Lorde’s case, though, the early Christmas present is just one song, a non-album single called “No Better.” It will scan as a welcome delight for anyone who got hooked on Pure Heroine, but it still seems kind of like finding socks wrapped up under the tree compared to a 17-song “visual album.” Hey, she’s against lavish celebrity excess, remember? Listen below.

“No Better” is on iTunes now, and for the record, I’m at the age when getting socks for Christmas is awesome.

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  1. This young woman is on a roll like lobster.

  2. I’d be pretty freaking happen to find a pair of these socks under my tree.

  3. Are Lorde and Beyonce really in competition with each other?

  4. Lorde is having a good year! I enjoyed this song.

  5. …aaaaaaaaand, BLOCKED. God damn it, Universal.

  6. Great use of Futura.

  7. “No Better” than Royals. Right??? I haven’t actually heard the song yet, as the link is broken. Self-discredit. Shame. Sadness. I’ll let myself out.

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