Beck - Morning Phase

In just over a month, Beck will return with Morning Phase, his first new studio album since 2008. He’s already posted an album trailer with a clip of the sweepingly bummed first single “Blue Moon,” but now we finally get to hear the track in full. The strummy, orchestral song is for sale at iTunes right now, and streaming below.

Morning Phase is out 2/25 on Capitol.

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  1. On a whim I searched for it last night on iTunes and picked up the song. I liked it a lot. That album cover, though…yeesh.

  2. What a pleasant way to start the week!

  3. In addition to “Blue Moon” being available on iTunes and Spotify today, rare live versions of four other songs on “Morning Phase” – along with details on both of his 2014 albums -are here

    • i didn’t really get any details of his second album from that article.

      • 1) tentatively scheduled for next September
        2) as yet untitled
        3) Beck says “I haven’t quite finished it. But I’d say it’s finding its legs” and that “it’s still in flux.”
        4) “I do want to put out something that is a lot more up, and energetic, and melodic.“ ““Some are experimental and abrasive.”
        5) It’s “not of a piece” with Morning Phase. “It’ll be quite different to this record.”
        6) Beck says, “I’m thinking more about the live show, which is more about energy. It’s a lot more up.“

        All of this suggests he might want to make an album he can support with another high energy tour like those from the late ’90s.

  4. Dammit. No spotify in Canada, I can’t find this anywhere

  5. “”It’s a Blue Moon, Baby. So, why don’t you kill me.” C’mon Beck. Stop writing the same song over and over and do something original. “-A very sarcastic fan

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  7. Great track. So excited for this album.


  9. I like it, very cool. It makes me think of Grant Lee Buffalo.

  10. I’m Beck and I’m handsome.

  11. good beer good song

  12. New song is insane. New album cover is instagram.

  13. Love the song AND the album cover.

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