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Tom Krell emerged a few years ago, releasing murky and mysterious lo-fi bedroom-R&B under the name How To Dress Well. Since then, he’s added more shades and ideas to his sound and become an ever-more fascinating songwriter. His 2012 album Total Loss was an absolutely beautiful piece of work, and he’s just announced that he’ll follow it this summer with “What Is This Heart?”, a follow-up that may well be even better. Krell recorded the album in Berlin last summer with producer Rodaidh McDonald, who’s previously worked with the xx and who may well be the ideal guy to help add some sharpness and clarity to Krell’s style. In recent weeks, Krell has shared the staggering “Words I Don’t Remember,” which will be on the album, and a gorgeous cover of Smog’s “Teenage Spaceship,” which won’t. He’s now shared another album track, a glassy and cascading piece of work called “Repeat Pleasure.” Listen to it and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “2 Years On (Shame Dream)”
02 “What You Wanted”
03 “Face Again”
04 “See You Fall”
05 “Repeat Pleasure”
06 “Words I Don’t Remember”
07 “Pour Cyril”
08 “Precious Love”
09 “Childhood Faith In Love (Everything Must Change, Everything Must Stay The Same)”
10 “A Power”
11 “Very Best Friend”
12 “House Inside (Future Is Older Than The Past)”

“What Is This Heart?” is out 6/23 on Weird World.

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  1. Digging it. It’s an understandable step in the right direction. Between new Drake, new Lower and this all before 10am EST, I bet the size of [Redacted]‘s boner when he wakes up is going to set off another small quake in L.A.

    Also, again with the old school SoundCloud embed. Throwback Thursday?

  2. This is fantastic. I find this to be a step up from his previous work.

  3. I didn’t expect to love this as much as I do. Now I’m listening to Total Loss again.

  4. Anyone else hear a little Haim here? I don’t know…it’s cool.

  5. I love the really subtle acoustic guitar strumming in this. I don’t remember this from Total Loss. I am very very very very very excited for this album. It’s become one of my most anticipated for the entire year.

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