Earl Sweatshirt on Loiter Squad

Somehow, Odd Future’s Adult Swim sketch comedy show Loiter Squad has made it to a third season. And in a preview of the new season, we get to see Earl Sweatshirt, now a regular cast member on the show, spoofing Love & Hip-Hop, the cheesed-out VH1 reality show, and Joe Budden, one of the cheesed-out rappers taking part in it. Most of the jokes, as you’d imagine, come at the expense of Budden’s terrible, terrible beard. This is the first Loiter Squad-related thing that has made me laugh even a tiny bit, which makes this a momentous occasion. Watch it below.

Loiter Squad returns 5/15 at midnight on Adult Swim.

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  1. For what it is, Loiter Squad is a funny show. Yeah yeah, if it wasn’t done by Odd Future it wouldn’t be on TV, but a lot of the people is that it IS Odd Future and those dudes just happen to be pretty funny.

    Also Joe Budden sucks.

    • I think pretty funny is taking it a bit too far. I wouldn’t step past mildly funny, but yeah I ain’t protesting it’s existence it’s probably made chuckle a couple of times, Another thing though is that a lot of it just seems to be them re-staging skits they’ve seen and liked from other shows like Chapelle and SNL and obviously doing a shittier job…and Tyler’s mostly shitty characters…like this guy

  2. Loiter Squad brings out the immature in me.

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