Kids react to Walkmans

30 years ago, the Sony Walkman was a piece of game-changing technology, a way to bring music with you in ways that nobody had ever been able to do before. 15 years ago, some of us were still using the things regularly, especially once we figured out that there was no way to hold a Discman so it wouldn’t skip on the bus. Now, it’s a relic. And now, as part of a video series called Kids React, some enterprising documentarians have recorded what happens when kids are confronted with this confounding, archaic technology. Watch it all happen below.

Still yet to be discovered: What would happen if you showed a Walkman to kids who weren’t acting all schticky?

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  1. Kids are so creepy nowadays.

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  3. “I’m such a 90′s kid, but I wasn’t born in the 90′s.”

  4. Wow. Could we be more condescending to a younger generation by shoving a piece of antiquated technology in their faces and being disgusted by their ignorance? While we’re at it, why don’t we just tell them all to get off our lawn?

  5. Kinda hard to watch and listen to the video when you have STUPID FREAKING ADS PLYING IN THE BACKGROUND THAT YOU CANT TURN OFF.

  6. Technology may change, but child actors will never stop being annoying.

  7. And they didn’t even have to use a pencil to rewind the cassette…

  8. Pssh! Kids these days and their Justin Direction Gaga band music.

  9. I want to see the children of homeless people or some starving Africans react to the Walkmen. I think they’d appreciate it more than the children of wealthy American capitalists.

  10. “I’m never gonna give up! I’m a survivor! Wait, I give up.”

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  12. Why is everyone reacting so negatively to the way these children’s reactions?

    This is basic concept of change.

    Take another look at it :
    for example: Your older generations can’t get a grip on new tech (computers, smart phones, etc.)

    So, why is it younger generations being unable to work and understand basic old technologies make you all go so negative?

    Go out and grab some fresh air. Stop being so uptight.

  13. Wow I’m so glad to be still young at heart (56). It is a shame that grown ups forget that they were once young and basically went thru the same things just different time and technological frames. Lighten up old farts and help children grow into the new millennium. Be happy that you are still here to watch the new come in. I am and I will be leaving happy and hopefully with some young friends to boot my old ass out.

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