The Black Keys

Next month, triumphant arena-blooz stars the Black Keys return with their new album Turn Blue, which band members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney co-produced with Danger Mouse. (If that new U2 album also comes out this year, this will probably mean Danger Mouse is 2014′s biggest rock producer, which is a weird turn for the world to take.) Earlier today, Carney played the album’s title track on his SiriusXM show Serious Boredom, and like first single “Fever,” it’s a tense and precise midtempo song, one that’s been sculpted with laserlike focus. Check it out below.

Turn Blue is out 5/13 on Nonesuch.

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  1. Zzzzzz. I hate Danger Mouse’s production.

  2. Well, it’s a song.

  3. I like it.

  4. Wow. This is actually really good.

  5. sounds like Broken Bells. What a totally freaky coincidence

  6. I’m not feeling either of the singles and it’s got me considerably less excited for the album. It just seems like their sound was neutered; like Brothers without the heart. I can only assume that this has a good deal to do with DM production because the songs have been lacking the explosive drums and have leaned pretty heavily on the synth and bass. Someone’s already said it, but this is just a slightly blues-ier Broken Bells.

  7. I like this, its nothing too wild or extreme but its nice. I think they’ve earned the right to mellow out a little since their discography is so stacked. Reminds me a lot of the direction they were going with Brothers.

  8. Well, I put this on and halfway through I forgot I was listening to a Black Keys song. That’s probably the best compliment I could give them at this point. It is pretty sterile, but it’s nice to see them switch up their sound a little bit for once.

  9. “it’s a tense and precise midtempo song, one that’s been sculpted with laserlike focus.”

    lol. Is this blog just a press release machine now? Is there any critique done on new singles anymore? This is obviously a snoozer of the highest order and is a neutered version of everything that made the Black Keys great. Come on stereogum.

  10. Time to go listen to the new Jack White single again and remind myself there’s still hope for the blues.

    • Maybe when Jack accused Dan Auerbach of ripping him off Dan was like “I’ll show you! I’ll go write songs so watered down no one will EVER mistake them for being yours!”

  11. I’m scared to listen. It can’t be worse than Fever, can it?

    • It’s not! While “Fever” is a rehash of everything they’ve down since Attack & Release, this is just a mellow Black Keys song. Not necessarily exciting, but hardly matches the highs of Thickfreakness or Magic Potion.

  12. I’m very vocal about my frustration with the Black Keys’ recent change in sound, but I’m kind of liking this. I’ve always thought Dan did well with slow-burners like this.

  13. Is anyone else immediately reminded of the Cryptograms artwork when watching this?

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