Drake lint rollers

Last week cameras caught Toronto Raptors global ambassador Drake vigorously lint-rolling his pants while courtside during a Raptors playoff game. As Twitter rushed to mock him for this quizzical turn of events, Drake quickly got in on the joke himself by posting a screencap of the incident with the caption “Lint rollers on deck.” You’d think that would be the end of it, but Drake is apparently not one to let a good marketing opportunity pass by. Last night the Raptors gave out 1,200 special edition Drake lint rollers emblazoned with his OVO owl logo. Here’s a closeup via the Raptors’ Twitter:

(via USA Today)

Very stylish, right? Who wouldn’t want to roll lint with that? And hey, all this ridiculousness must have put the team in good spirits because they took a 3-2 series lead over Brooklyn last night, upending the Nets like a lacrosse stick overturning a fondue plate. And then there’s this:

Hey, whatever works, Canada.

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  1. Drake and his lint problems has got to be the biggest non-story in music this week, and to be covered like its important news is beyond ridiculous. Even more ridiculous? The fact this post got more sentences written about it than some band’s new songs.

    • Haters going to hate (the truth.)

      • I think haters are hating because you’re sucking the fun out of the room.

        • Get used to it, I guess. When the post isn’t about a new song or album, I have a one-track mind that goes straight to asking, “What value is this piece of writing conveying to me that I can take away and use to better inform my life and knowledge?” and the answer in this case is hardly anything.

          • So what value is your comment conveying to me that I can use to better inform my life and knowledge?

          • That you, too, should be questioning why this is even being given extensive coverage.

          • That’s fine but maybe a better approach when you see articles that activate that line of reasoning would be to just ignore it since you see so little value in it. You don’t need to comment on everything.

          • I’m bored sitting behind a computer screen all day for 9 hours with no one in my office to speak to. It makes me feel less bored to throw comments up onto the Internet in hopes they are responded to for some form of human interaction. Thank you for providing me with some semblance of social activity throughout my work week, even if you disagree with my approach.

          • Bummer man, I feel you on the boring job bit. I find it even more fulfilling when my *internet conversations* are positive so that’s pretty much my only point (a point that I myself have not followed on many occasions so whatevs, maybe I just like to argue).

          • I think you hit the heart of why I exist and get into arguments frequently around here: Part of it is because sitting behind a computer screen all day in an unhealthy, unsocial office environment doing a job I wish I could move on from festers a negative mood in me, but also subconsciously, I start them so that throughout the day, I have a reason to check, see what was responded and feel like I’m not stuck inside my own head all day.

          • Well, I guess at the end of the day you have to question if getting into arguments on the internet really makes you feel better (by getting you out of your head) or if it’s a corrosive exercise. Personally, I find when I get in arguments on the internet it just makes me feel bitter, defensive, and pessimistic. Maybe this time would be better put to making more things for your website (which I’ve enjoyed many pieces from) or contacting bands you enjoy for interviews for the site, many bands prefer email interviews that can easily be done from work. Of course you can also continue to comment too in a less argumentative way which may not foster as many replies but might make you feel better overall.

            Also sorry if I’m coming of as prescriptive or condescending but from your comments I’ve gathered that you feel like you’re in a bit of rut and I’m just trying to provide some helpful advice (whether or not I’ve succeeded is another question).

          • It’s cool, I support the warm, support words :)

  2. I don’t see what the big deal is – that’s just how he rolls.

  3. Thisiswhyilovedrake

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