Röyksopp & Robyn - "Sayit" Video

Robyn recently got together with the Norwegian production team Röyksopp to put together Do It Again, a collaborative EP that’ll be out next week. Today, we get the H&M-produced video for “Sayit,” a pulsing electro track that feels more like a Röyksopp affair than a Robyn one. Sandberg & Timonen directed the glitchy black-and-white clip, which comes with a ton of digital distortion. Robyn co-stars with two masked future-thugs and a talking dog with a Speak & Spell voice. It’s a weird one. Watch below.

Do It Again is out 5/26 on Dog Triumph, via Wall Of Sound/Cooking Vinyl.

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  1. I don’t mean to be a downer, but am I the only one who is supremely disappointed with what we’ve heard from this release?

    My favorite thing about Robyn is her sweeping melodicism. Even “None of Dem”, the last Royksopp collabo, had a dramatic chorus, and at her best she’s capable to creating some of the catchiest stuff recently put to tape.

    She’s one of my favorite performers and this shit is making me sad…

    • Well I really liked Do It Again. Not sure about this one yet, though as they say above, it’s more Royksopp than Robyn.

      • I think the melody of “Every Little Thing” is pretty great, even if it never builds to a huge chorus. And I think the full version of “Monument” will deliver the goods too.

        Anyway, I’d say I’m “mildly” but not “supremely” disappointed. I do hope she does a proper solo effort in the near future because I get the sense that not all of my Robyn cravings will be fulfilled by this EP.

  2. Part of me wants to say Robyn is the only person who can make a mullet look remotely cool, and the other part of me wants to say make it stop now.

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