Ariana Grande - "Problem" video

We, as a community, may never agree on this, but I hold that Ariana Grande’s honking Iggy Azalea-featuring pop-R&B sunburst “Problem” the the greatest potential summer jam that has yet emerged in 2014, and the Stereogum staff has my back. The “Problem” video just hit the internet, and it is a big, dizzy energy-jolt with a lot of contortionist breakdancing and a ton of early-’60s mod design. Iggy wears the Emma Peel Avengers jumpsuit, which is going a lot way toward me eventually being OK with Iggy Azalea. Nev Todorovic directs. You could take a stand for the purity and importance of true independent music, or you could watch the video. Pick one! You can’t have both! The video is below.

Grande’s sophomore album is due later this year, and I would be willing to pay real American dollars for it.

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  1. Big Sean, Pop Whisperer

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  3. The slide towards mediocrity continues……

  4. This is freaking boring. Ariana Grande is boring. The fact that pitchfork, gorilla vs bear, and stereogum stoop to raving about this is so lame.

  5. The Stereogum staff likes this track. Fine. Whatever. It’s subjective. But this is the thing. These people are already spending millions of dollars to promote this track. I already knew about it ten different ways. In fact, it’s unavoidable. Meanwhile, I can’t think of the last artist Stereogum introduced me to. It certainly wasn’t in the last year. I come to this site to hear about music I wouldn’t otherwise hear about, not to get permission from the Stereogum staff to like Ariana Grande.

    • I sort of know the feeling, but I think it might be more because I pick stuff up on other sites before the ‘Gum covers it. If it wasn’t for the entertaining comment section I probably wouldn’t read this site, because Line of Best Fit, Pitchfork etc. don’t have such comment sections.

  6. Fancy > Problem

  7. That one dude’s arms are on backwards

  8. Who wrote this pop sunburst ? How come you never see that in a review ? I would love to be able to find more music written by this songwriter but not so much more music sung by Ariana Grande.

  9. I got your back- it’s a perfect pop song.

  10. ehhh. It’s like a ok c + c music factory ripoff. lucky it has the video to take it to the next level cause white knee stockings are my kryptonite.

  11. Her debut was one of the best albums of 2013. There, I said it!

  12. the groovy crackling film stock filter is annoying to me. why not actually shoot in 16mm? i’m sure the label could spring for the processing fees to add in all the effects and color correcting and whatnot. i’m all for simulacra, but this is just a lazy one.

  13. Im glad Iggy is doing so well and doing it so big. Its about time that we have another female rapper rise that is without crazy gimmicks.

  14. Iggy’s appearance vaguely resembles the ‘Groove is in the Heart’ video and anything that shouts out Deee Lite is more than fine with me.

    Also this song is the best and I vote for Ariana/Iggy for co-queens.

  15. Okay, real talk. This song has been labeled The “Song of the Summer” a million times since a month ago (when it was still springtime). I personally don’t see what the hype is about. It’s a fine little tune and Ariana and Iggy are both nice to look at, but its nothing special, BUT whatever, not the point.

    Isn’t it a bit early to be labeling a song, “Song of the Summer”? Do we really need a song to be the Song of the Summer? At what point did being labeled “song of the summer” go from unofficial label to marketing bonanza? There is no joy in this, no natural growth. It was all hype machine and force fed to us. I don’t know, I just thought talking about the “song of the summer” was supposed to be fun, not a sales pitch.

  16. I really want to hear an afrobeat version of this. It’s probably the horn section. For some reason there are some pop songs which I can’t resist but turn into afrobeat jams in my head; ‘Happy’ sounds so much better with the horns I mentally dub over it.

    On the other side of the game… I’ve not actually heard this on British radio or TV or… well, I’ve only seen it on the ‘Gum really. Either I’m blind or this is a really American thing.

    • Seems to have been released as a Digital Download, pretty much everywhere except for the UK at the moment. It doesn’t get released over there till July 6. So it probably just hasn’t gotten a big push yet, just like how last year they were later than most getting Royals.

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