Weezer have been teasing their upcoming ninth album on YouTube for months now, and today, they posted a new video that reveals the record’s title. Sadly, to the consternation of many, it will not be the self-titled “Yellow” or “Orange” album. (To the consternation of many more, it will not be “The Blue Album” either, har har.) The Ric Ocasek-produced record will be titled Everything Will Be Alright In The End, and as someone who was forced to learn the AP Stylebook backwards and forwards as a journalism student, let me tell you that “Alright” really enrages the copyeditor in me! Check the video below.

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  1. You gotta except alright man, it looks weird the other way.

  2. can’t be worse than the last couple albums



  3. If they really wanted to secure my pre-order, they would have named this Radi2de.

  4. Weezer? I hardly know ‘er!

  5. as always (all ways?) i am SUPER EFFING EXCITED for new Weezer! I love the name of the record, too. Makes me VERY hopeful – maybe it’s the seriousness of it or knowing Ric Ocasek is back behind the board or the fact that my devotion (b-side reference!) is everlasting! =w=

  6. and oh shit, does that sound like some rock!! and not hypermegauberoverproduced either!

  7. That little clip sounds at worst kind of fun, not the forced-to-take-our-little-sister-to-the-park fun, but like “hey man, let’s throw a refrigerator into this running body of water” fun.

  8. True Story:

    Went to pick up lunch today and “Buddy Holly” came on in the restaurant. Two employees comment on enjoying it and dude says, “Can’t believe this album is 10 years old.”

    I chime in, “It’s 20 years old.”

    We all pause, reflect on our temporary existence, then proceed to hum along with the timeless tune.

    Literally happened 3 hours ago. Anyway, carry on!

    • Nice try, but this story is way too good to be true

      • I can prove it:

        1) Random restaurant playing “Buddy Holly” = Believable
        2) Bartender unable to fathom space/time continuum = Believable
        3) Me being a walking musical wikipedia and math nerd = That’s me

        Plus there is the fact that, yes, it really did happen!

  9. All we can do is hope for the best, guys… er, the 3rd or 4th best

  10. If “Back to the Shack” is on this, then there is no hope.

    • discussed this with my fellow weez buddies yesterday and we agreed that we jsut need to accept the fact that its going to be on there. get past it now and focus on the rest of it.

  11. Some records are doomed from the start.

  12. Oh, new Weezer, I can hardly contain my excitement.

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