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We learned last month that Don Cheadle is starring as Miles Davis in Miles Ahead, a crowdfunded biopic that doubles as Cheadle’s directorial debut. Above, find the first image of Cheadle in character circa 1969′s In A Silent Way, via EW, where you can also find an interview with Cheadle. The film will focus on “the musician’s transition into music after a five-year hiatus — otherwise known as his ’silent period’ — and tumultuous relationship with first wife Frances Taylor Davis.” Ewan McGregor, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Emayatzy Corinealdi will co-star in the film, which begins shooting next week in Cincinnati.

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  1. In what respect did In A Silent Way end a 5 year break in his discography?

    Released: 1965
    Recorded: January 20, 1965 – January 22, 1965

    Miles Smiles
    Released: 1967
    Recorded: October 24, 1966 – October 25, 1966

    Released: 1967
    Recorded: August 21, 1962 – May 24, 1967

    Released: December 1967[21]
    Recorded: June 7, 1967 – July 19, 1967

    Miles in the Sky
    Released: 1968
    Recorded: January 16, 1968 – May 17, 1968

    Filles de Kilimanjaro
    Released: 1968
    Recorded: June 19, 1968 – September 24, 1968

    In a Silent Way
    Released: July 30, 1969
    Recorded: February 18, 1969

  2. I’m kind of excited for this movie. From what I’ve heard Cheadle’s been trying to get it made for a while. That picture is pretty badass, too.

  3. Looks kind of like me

  4. I’ll always give Don Cheadle a chance.I don’t much about Miles Davis’ life, so I’m looking forward this film. And yeah, I agree that picture is pretty badass!

  5. That motherfucker looks like one motherfucker

    • Don is a reasonably good actor: But he’s got obstacles up tha ass….to pull this one off.: Raspy voice, attitude, gripping tha horn, hunched over back,” fixed look(eyes),” three era walk swagger, etc:

      Dialogue script will be very little. Good luck on the tailoring eras, I followed Miles from; 1949 to death.
      I’m scared. I probably won’t see the movie. If I decide….. It will be long after reliable sources comment
      on the film.

      Don ….I feel like you are a great human being.

      ” In the spirit of my heart…..a candle burns for your success “….on this one.

      K-George(George Causey)

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