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The Swedish duo JJ evidently never got the memo about how it’s offensive to appropriate Native American culture — or maybe they got it and they’re intentionally ignoring it. Either way, the duo’s new video for “Inner Light,” a pretty drug-reverie from their very good new album V, stars a kid in a thrift-store version of traditional Native American garb. We see the kid alone in the woods, dancing and swimming and walking along an abandoned road. It’s all very prettily filmed, and I have no idea what any of it means. The video follow’s the group’s cinematic “All White Everything” clip, and it really couldn’t be more different. Check it out below.

V is out now on Sincerely Yours/Secretly Canadian.

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  1. Being a full blooded Navajo, I found the artists and director very aware of what’s mocking Native culture and what’s respecting it. This video in particular wasn’t offensive in any way because it was an actual Ojibwe girl doing Ojibwe style dances. The only thing I found offensive was your comment about calling actual Native American/Ojibwe regalia ‘thrift store” like. Unlike Pharrell, Steve Aoki, No Doubt, etc. wearing your ‘thrift store’ garments in cartoonish disrespectful ways, this is an actual Native American/Ojibwe girl wearing Ojibwe style regalia, dancing Ojibwe style jingle and fancy shawl. The fact that the focus was on her and the music, makes it right. Great video and song.

  2. Tom – Do some research before you start calling traditional Ojibwe ceremonial dress “thrift store.” The director saw this girl at a pow wow dancing and tracked her down to shoot this footage. He later heard JJ’s “Inner Light ” and fused the two together. It’s a pretty beautiful story if you would have bothered with it.

  3. Tom – What thrift stores do you shop at? Did you even watch the video? Nice content editing:(

  4. WHAT!
    This little girl is Ojibwe, no appropriation going on here!
    Authentic dances. So beautiful.
    What a tribute and what a spirit. Haunting.
    Should be video of the week!

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