Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World

It’s been almost a decade since Death From Above 1979 released their seething, monstrous full-length debut You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine. As of right now, that’s the only proper album the band has ever released, but that’ll change next week. DFA1979 broke up in 2006 and got back together in 2011, and now they’ve gotten together with producer D. Sardy to record the follow-up album The Physical World, an album full of the sort of guitar riffs that we, as a society, are just not used to hearing anymore. We’ve posted the pummeling early tracks “Trainwreck 1979” and “Government Trash,” as well as video of the band debuting “Right On, Frankenstein.” And now, the whole LP is streaming at iTunes.

The Physical World is out 9/9 on Last Gang/Warner Bros.

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  1. This record makes me want to rip my dick off, light it on fire, eat it, then barf it back up into a river.

    In a good way. Glad to have them back. Also in the market for a new dick.

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    • Since when do descriptive adjectives make you less of a writer? Flowery language like that is used in reviews all the time. Not sure what you’re reading where adjectives are a bad thing…

      • I’m not criticising the use of descriptive adjectives, it’s just that in the past few months I’ve noticed that every adjective used in this site is a fancier version of a simpler word. And while that’s cool for reviews due to the length of the pieces, it does feel weird and REALLY snobby in a 4-lines post or a tweet. And since I think Tom is a talented writer who’s really good at getting the right words, noticing that Stereogum is turning into an adjective competition (I mean, it’s not hard to tell who’s written a certain piece by just reading the adjectives used in Gum’s twitter timeline) is sort of sad. Just my opinion though.

    • This isn’t exactly a review or anything either, just a post alerting us to the album stream.

    • The record’s quite good, by the way

  3. Holy shit, this is good!

    I like that they didn’t put out a carbon copy of their debut. They’ve grown as songwriters, and the melodies are catchier than ever. I am really impressed.

  4. It is decent in spots. I feel like the leaked songs really hold up, but the first half of the album is too overly produced. I want more RAW energy. I am sure it will all translate well live though…

    • Bro.

      Luke. Bro.

      Gotta give you props, man. I, too, love the “Death From Above” record label. I can especially get behind 1979 and their latest release “Physical Worlds.” It’s like the best record for me to put on when i’m driving a girl home and wanting to speed on the highway, so I switch it from The Management’s “The Kids” to 1979′s “Virgins,” look at my bodacious future slam piece and say “Sup…” Then the night takes care of itself, ya know? Total go-to.

      Just do me a favor: next time you’re mad about something and want to be sexy about it, listen to the first half of “Phyzikal Worldz,” eat a pile of cocaine, chug a Stella, and “Macho Man” Randy Savage elbow-drop your arch-nemesis through the goddamn Grand Canyon.

      • DFA1979 are not associated with James Murphy’s DFA label – they had to put the 1979 on the end of their name to avoid legal action from the label.

  5. ffs, why do things always stream on itunes?

  6. the record is really good, but you guys know there is no guitar in the band right? these are bass riffs, and bass riffs only, as hard as that is to believe.

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