As you should be able to tell the moment you start watching this “video” for Chris Cornell’s “Ground Zero,” it’s a commercial for something else. The “something else” in this equation is the ABC show Life On Mars (no, not Christmas On Mars). One thing that’s also clear: We weren’t being too harsh when we commented a few times on the shittiness of Cornell’s new (Feat. Timbaland) album, Scream.

The video obviously stars Chris Cornell (and Jason O’Mara) walking around NYC, 1973. The show Life On Mars stars Harvey Keitel and O’Mara walking around NYC, 1973. The concept: O’Mara, who plays a homicide detective, is transported from 2008 to that very different New York City, which is why we see him staring at the World Trade Center in disbelief. (In a video for a song called “Ground Zero,” remember.) The show was originally a BBC series that didn’t star Harvey Keitel and Jason O’Mara or have a lame Chris Cornell song attached to it. Good job, UK.

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  1. It’s like someone told Chris Cornell: “The music industry works different in 2008, man. To get your songs heard you have to collaborate with Timbaland, and your videos have to be commercials for shitty TV shows.”

    Soundgarden reunion in ’09!

    • Rich  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

      Fuck the Soundgarden reunion, Cornell’s downfall is almost as train-wreck fascinating as Metallica’s. Just keep getting shittier, Chris. It’s fun to watch.

    • No, no, you’re mistaken, Mr. Halfway to a Threeway. To get your shitty album heard these days you need to take over a music website (like this one) for an entire day and post nothing but asinine posts about nothing interesting. Hey wait, didn’t some shitty band with a new album do just that on this here site recently? So, you know, don’t throw stones at glass houses, Kermit.

  2. WTF?!

  3. i’d rather see Badmotorfinger made into a Broadway musical than listen to/watch this shit.

    • Greg  |   Posted on Oct 27th, 2008 0

      I just want to see Badmotorfinger made into a Broadway musical. That would be so sublimely ridiculous.

  4. zap  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    screw this crap. did you guys notice that because somebody stole a base in last night’s world series game, we are all eligible for a free taco from taco bell to go along with our can of g’n'r dr. pepper? what a fucking month!

  5. kibbe  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    Marcy J stop represent!!! haha

  6. SAL  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    I liked the bit where Chris Cornell got knocked over by a car. Superb special effects!

  7. Michael Imperioli’s in it, too. I don’t know about the song, but the show looks like it’s got potential.

  8. LondonD  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    I like the track. If you learn anything from this video, it’s to look both ways before you cross the street.

  9. blognagra  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    seriously the Timbaland turrets “EH! EH! !AY!” whatever has to stop…Cornell, man i use to love you….

  10. anonymous  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    Cornell sounds like Ceelo’s anorexic white twin sister

  11. jc  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    Life on Mars was an amazing series. no doubt you Yanks will cock it up, as you tend to do with these things.

  12. BrooklyDodger  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    On an LGA-LAX flight last month I walked past Cornell (with kid in lap) and his wife in 1st Class. His wife asked, “Where are the fucking tickets?”

    He calmly responded, “I think they’re in the Hermes bag.”

    She shot back, “Well THAT’S a great place for them.”

    • i need to know if this is true.

      don’t play with me.

    • Johnnyboy  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

      My goodness, what a fascinating anecdote!

    • Not to piss on anyone’s grave, or capitalize on a man’s death for the sake of a clever post, but this does kind of read like an excerpt from some early David Foster Wallace short story (though he probably would have chosen a subject with more relevance).

  13. I’m sure I’ll get skewered for saying this, but I don’t mind it. Not in the least. I like Cornell when he’s solo and I like me some Soundgarden as well, but I’ll allow him a new direction. It doesn’t blow me away, but I’m not real eager to jump onto the “This sucks” train, either.

  14. Sean Jean  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    You’ll always rock in my eyes Chris. But like, yeah this sucks ass.

  15. Alison  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    Sounds like Moby!

  16. SAL  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    Chris Cornell needs Kim Thayil to come back from the wilderness and save him from himself. And his bad hair.

  17. tina  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    What the fuckery?!

    Kermit was right, some asshole at the label probably said, “ya get Tim to do somethin’ with Chris.” Of course, Chris is so fuckin’ out of touch agreed. I just can’t believe they were listening to this SHIT at the label and were all in agreement that it was a good enough to be released.

    A Soundgarden reunion would be cool. However, we would probably be disappointed. Most likely they would hire some retard producer and it would end up sounding like Nickleback.

  18. bernard  |   Posted on Oct 24th, 2008 0

    Was that the girl from the cosby show?

  19. we need a soundgarden reunion tour, with jane’s addiction and the smashing pumpkins..

  20. Greg  |   Posted on Oct 24th, 2008 0

    “What year is this supposed to be?”
    “It’s 1973.”


  21. Bill TD  |   Posted on Oct 25th, 2008 0

    I’m having a hard time keeping up with what’s happening in the video, but based on the music, I think it’s something about how Robin Thicke has become a homeless man in New York?

  22. mark  |   Posted on Oct 26th, 2008 0

    mmm, a healthy dose of lame.

  23. porter  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008 0

    I had to break up with a girl because she was a Soundgarden fan. I mean, seriously, is there a more annoying voice in rock music? For awhile I thought maybe this was Seinfeld stupid…but now I know I made the right decision. The 13 seconds I could stand of the above video makes me want to leave her drunken, spiteful phone messages.

  24. chris fan 356  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008 0


    damn i gotta see that show…

  25. I love it how Timbaland goes ‘eh’ or ‘oh’ or ‘ah’ on every song he produces. It’s like he wants to remind everyone that he did this. In this case, Timbaland might want to distance himself from this music. Just exactly how many drugs did Chris do in Ausioslave?

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