Coldplay - "Paradise" Video

Filmed in South Africa with director Mat Whitecross, this clip for Coldplay’s newest arena ready anthem finds the band meeting up for rehearsal and a live performance. Also they’re all dressed as elephants.

Mylo Xyloto is out 10/24 via Parlophone. Join the comment party.

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  1. if not for chris martin’s distinctive voice, this song could be any number of bubblegum pop acts today; male, female, rock, r&b, anything. everything is so bloody standard in this song it’s ridiculous.

  2. i dont know what everyone was expecting. werent they always a pop band?

    • No. Well, maybe yeah, but not like this. Their first two albums were good. Really good. This stuff is just junk food. I agree with Sproat.

  3. It’s not so much that it’s the most blatantly pop thing they’ve done yet, but it’s so formulaic, undistinctive, and generic. If you swapped out the vocals for that OneRepublic guy, it would be a OneRepublic song. It’s almost self parody.

  4. Don’t delete this Stereogum, it’s GENIUS!

  5. Worst song on the album… Best video ever.

  6. Am I the only one who happens to find this video way to cheesy?

  7. Wow, totally generic in every way.

  8. No. I just…I can’t. This doesn’t work for me.

  9. It’s an incredible video – ridiculous, self-mocking, and yet at the same time quite poignant. Not that Coldplay are in any position to make poignant statement, you smug rich British buggers. Just be glad you’ve got Chris Martin’s voice in there or I’d be hating your guts right now.

  10. Adult Alt Rock 4 EVA!

  11. reminds me of bombay bicycle club evening/morning, with no animal harassment for music/art/shenanigans

  12. I have been a fan since i was 7 and i’m still. I’m allways going to be. I LOVE the song <3

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