Regal Degal – “Not Mired” (Stereogum Premiere)

Class of 2010 BTW Regal Degal made a mark with their cassette Format Worth — released, homophonically, by RVNG’s Matt Wirth — which featured the outstanding, lockstep and arty post-punk of “Pretty Busy.” After this they promptly moved out west to LA, a literal left turn that landed them in the lap of No Age’s Dean Spunt and his Post Present Medium label. This is a very logical development. Regal Degal’s official full-length debut is called Veritable Who’s Who, and it comes packed with a lofty and amusing press release, identifying the members by star sign (“Josh da Costa [Gemini] on guitars and vocals, Josiah Wolfson [Libra] on bass, and Jamen Whitelock [Virgo]”) and the implicated genres by the handful (“post-punk, krautrock, 60’s psychedelic/ freakbeat, 80’s new wave and indie, German minimal house, and the music of Africa”). The first single “Not Mired” is highly recommended: It’s got the band Wire-taut with touches of ringing psychedelia and trying not to be mired in their lives, despite opposing directives coming from every direction, be it their social lives (“your hands are on my records, you’re being very rude, lighten up and be a better DJ”) or domestic ones (“you’re talking back to mom, you’re being very rude, wisen up, and be a better children”). All of which winds up with tones that could have been lifted from those aforementioned German minimal records. It’s a lot of sound coming from a small lineup with arty post-punk at heart but a lot more in mind — wonder what Spunt saw in them — and it does a lot in 3:40. Get it:

Regal Degal – “Not Mired”

Veritable Who’s Who is out 10/16 via PPM. The band has a blog, where they’re posting mixtapes and who knows what else. This is their new album’s art:

Regal Degal - Veritable Who's Who

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