Feist Wins Polaris Prize 2012, Hides Under Table

Every year, a small panel of Canadian music heads gets together and awards the Polaris Music Prize to its pick for the best Canadian album of the year. The winner gets the prize at a big televised gala and gets to take home $30,000, and this year’s lineup of nominees was absolutely stacked. It included Drake, Japandroids, Grimes, Handsome Furs, Kathleen Edwards, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Cadence Weapon, and past winners Fucked Up. But the winner, as it turned out was Feist, for Metals. The lesson, as always: Do not underestimate Leslie Feist.

A shocked and flustered Feist was apparently completely unprepared to win the thing. Here’s what she had to say:

This was my worst fear — oh my God. Oh, the thoughts racing through my head right now. You’d think from a lifetime of terrible speeches I would remember at one point to write something down, but I never do because it seems presumptuous to prepare. I’ve had a phenomenal night. I’ve been having such an unbelievably good time sitting here, watching this cavalcade of really good music. Everyone had a favorite here tonight, and I did too — and I did not think it was me. I’m just really shocked and really, really grateful to be a part of the night.”

(via The Calgary Herald)

And as her name was being read, she was hiding under her table. No, really.