My Bloody Valentine New Album Could Be Released In “Two Or Three Days”; Hear New MBV Song

The follow-up to My Bloody Valentine’s classic Loveless topped our list of 2013’s Most Anticipated Albums — although, if we’re being honest, it would have topped our list of the most anticipated albums in any given year over the past two decades. Yet more and more, it looks like we’re going to get the damn thing sooner than later (to the extent the release of an album 21 years in the making can be called “sooner”). Mastering of MBV LP3 was completed in late 2012, and according to NME, Kevin Shields announced tonight — at a show at Brixton’s Electric — that the new album “might be out in two or three days.” We’ve heard unrealistic timeframes from Shields in the recent past, but nothing so immediate, so … holy shit?

To further whet our already voracious and unrealistic appetities, the band performed a new song at tonight’s show: “Rough Song”; we’ve got footage here. Of course it’s great. Watch, listen.

[Thanks to Michael_ for the “Rough Song” video]