Hear 4 Songs From Boards Of Canada’s Tomorrow’s Harvest As Broadcast From An Abandoned Waterpark In The California Desert

The rollout for Boards Of Canada’s Tomorrow’s Harvest continues in an unpredictable manner. After those mysterious 12″s set off a scavenger hunt (and eBay bidding war) in April, Warp confirmed the album for 6/11 release. Now that that’s only a few weeks away, we are finally getting to hear music from the LP, though in unconventional ways. One video was screened in Tokyo and a second (said to be “Cold Earth”) screened at Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music (watch here). We’ve also heard “Reach For The Dead.” But tonight some lucky fans got to hear the entire album, after some impressive sleuthing. The Scottish ambient duo tweeted “May 27th 17:00 PDT – http://media.warp.net/images/5-27-13-1700.jpg” yesterday. That was decoded to reveal the Google Maps coordinates of the abandoned Lake Dolores Waterpark in the Mojave Desert. Then today BoC tweeted a link to this warped version of a Lake Dolores Waterpark commercial. A little while ago a couple of dozen fans who showed up at the site were rewarded with a full playback of Tomorrow’s Harvest. It was preceded by a message that only the first three songs were allowed to be recorded. One attendee broadcast a portion of the playback (several songs worth) live via Ustream, and you can watch that, and his Vine from the event, below.

Tomorrow’s Harvest is out 6/11 via Warp. (Photo via @MM73.)