Bill Callahan Dream River Details

Bill Callahan has been in the game a long, long time; he released his first album as Smog 23 years ago. But until this moment, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a press photo of him smiling. Take that as an indication, then, that Callahan’s next album won’t showcase the dark, mordant wit that made him indie-famous — or maybe that that wit will take different forms. In a few months, Callahan will release Dream River, his follow-up to 2011’s much-loved Apocalypse. Callahan recorded the album earlier this year in the amazingly named town of Cacophony, Texas, and a press release calls its eight songs “easily the most sensual and soulful of Callahan’s career.” Check the tracklist below.

01 “The Sing”
02 “Javelin Unlanding”
03 “Small Plane”
04 “Spring”
05 “Ride My Arrow”
06 “Summer Painter”
07 “Seagull”
08 “Winter Road”

Dream River is out 9/17 on Drag City.