Daft Punk – “Get Lucky (Remix)”

Daft Punk’s Pharrell/Nile Rodgers collab “Get Lucky” is a huge international smash and maybe the single of the year, and it’s also a rare example of lush, precise late-’70s disco done absolutely right. If any song was screaming out for an extended disco edit, it was this one. And now Daft Punk themselves have obliged, extending the song to double its length in a new world-eating 10-minute edit, the sort of thing that can make a trip to the grocery store infinitely more glamorous. The remix brings back more of the sci-fi synth-work and chopped-up robot vocals that made Daft Punk famous in the first place, but it mostly just works as a prolonging of the original track’s expensive-sounding bliss. If you’ve got Spotify, you can listen to the remix below. Also below, there’s a promo video for the remix.

A 12″ vinyl version of the remix is outu 7/16. Daft Punk’s great Random Access Memories is out now on Columbia.

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