Watch Goodie Mob Play Fallon With The Roots

Atlanta rap greats, one of the greatest groups in the genre’s history, are back together and getting ready to release a new album called Age Against The Machine. Earlier this week, they released their confusing chaotic mess of a video for “I’m Set,” so it’s nice to see them doing something different right away. On last night’s episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, they performed their Janelle Monáe collab “Special Education.” Monáe wasn’t there, so some unidentified catsuited bald lady filled in for her. And the Roots, who toured with the Goodie Mob in 1996, backed them up. Shout out to Khujo Goodie, because rapping well, on TV, with a prosthetic leg and receding dreadlocks, is hero shit.

Another thing about the Roots: At another point last night, they used toy instruments to back up Fallon and Robin Thicke on a sincerely adorable version of the inescapable “Blurred Lines.” Best part: Black Thought filled in for T.I., adding in an all-new verse of his own that’s all about how he loves his life and how he’s happy to be married. It made me very happy. Watch both videos below.

Age Against The Machine is out 8/27 on Alliance Entertainment. It breaks my heart that Fallon called them “Goodie Mob featuring Cee-Lo Green,” but that’s the world we live in now. Meanwhile, Thicke’s Blurred Lines album is out now, and it’s better than you probably think.