Kanye Reportedly Recruits Miley For “Black Skinhead” Remix

For the past two days, the entire music-critical infrastructure has put its collective brainpower into figuring out what the fuck was going on with Miley Cyrus at the VMAs on Sunday night. So far: No satisfying answers! But Kanye West knows powerful polarization when he sees it, and immediately after Sunday night’s award show, he snapped up Miley for a late-night recording session, according to The New York Post. Miley missed her own VMA afterparty, and Kanye skipped the one thrown by Jay Z and Diddy, so this was obviously of the utmost importance. Apparently, the two worked on a remix of Kanye’s “Black Skinhead,” which is for a planned Kanye remix EP that’s due later this year. Respect Kanye’s troll game!