Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

It’s been six days since Miley Cyrus sullied music’s most dignified awards ceremony and my eyes still hurt from reading all the thinkpieces in its wake. We got to drink a lot, though, so it wasn’t for nothing. The VMAs dominated this week’s Shut Up, Dude, but you also had a lot to say about the new Nine Inch Nails album and our ranking of Neil Young’s discography. Check out the best and worst responses to everything below.



Ariel Morales | Aug 27th Score:15

We need to stop comparing Yeezus to every major release of the year.

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Aug 25th Score:16

Breaking Bad is getting real as fuck right now guys

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Jorge Suzarte | Aug 27th Score:16

Please, that Kanye reference in a NIN review (even in that parenthesis) NO! JUST NO!

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#7 b-rar | Aug 27th Score:17


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#6 Scott Lapatine | Aug 25th Score:19

2 Chainz or Grimes, WHO WORE IT BETTER YOU GUYS.

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Matthew Hadley | Aug 26th Score:22

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#4 Dr. Feelgood | Aug 25th Score:22

Whoa, Joey Fatone’s dad just also confirmed The Smith’s are reuniting? And he says he’s not done yet? Another announcement within the hour? This is nuts.

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#3 turnoffyourmind | Aug 29th Score:23

I comment rarely on the Internet, but “NIrvana frontman” make me laugh out loud. Good intro.

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#2 Scott Lapatine | Aug 25th Score:23

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#1 Renaton | Aug 25th Score:26


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Andy Whorehall | Aug 25th Score:-5

Absolute perfection, memorable songs and there was no need for Jeremy to speak in class again– there ya have it. Thanks for wasting your time on the internet!

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Jordan Purkat | Aug 23rd Score:-6

Honest to God, I have no idea why these dipshits still have a career. The first five songs on their debut are excellent…and that’s it. They epitomize the hipster bullshit fucking shit that I despise, and as you can tell by this performance, they clearly think that they’re living in some 60’s Munchkin paradise where they sit around and “smoke grass” and fuck girls that look like Oompa Loompas and then write dumbass “deep” songs about it. “Your Life is a Lie.” Hmm…someone’s mad that they wrote catchy, synth-pop songs that people actually LIKED, you know? “Ohhh we’re really a progressive, 60’s band that writes songs that no one in their right mind would want to hear if they’re not ‘smoking grass.'” Shut up.

I’m so fucking sick of the 60’s, dudes. I’m so sick of this psychedelic bullshit. Like, look at what they’re wearing! Who do they think they are?! Brian Jonestown Massacre?!?!?!!!!!! There’s a REASON dumbass hippies don’t do anything for society, MGMT. Cuz they’re dumbass hippies. “Smoking grass,” or, excuse me, “dropping acid,” hasn’t done much to make MGMT’s music better, now has it? “60’s psychedelia, maaaaaaaaan.” The indie blogs have tricked us into thinking psychedelia is cool. it is NOT. “Satanic Majesties” is vastly overrated, “Sgt. Pepper” is too far up it’s own ass sometimes, fucking what else was psychedelic? Steppenwolf? The breakdown in “Magic Carpet Ride”? You’ll never see some fucking indie blog going on about “the importance of ‘MAGIC FUCKING CARPET RIDE’ to 60’s psychedelia” now will you? CUZ STEPPENWOLF DIDN’T WEAR CARDIGANS.


If I want to hear music that’s this far up its own ass, I’ll just throw on some fucking 60’s Floyd record or something, because at least “See Emily Play” was good. Give me a break. They couldn’t be more pretentious if Natalie Portman introduced them wearing a “Save the Trees” t-shirt while blasting the fucking Shins out of a boombox.


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Michael Hanna | Aug 26th Score:-6

Wow. you can speak for everyone? You must be really important and a psychic. Sorry but history is history, and this is a ripoff reunion if I ever saw one.

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Andy Whorehall | Aug 23rd Score:-7

Finally, a minor victory if not another meaningless one rooted in another list for rock snobs to ponder about with: 30. Mirror Ball (1995)
“Neil has performed with many backing bands — some great, some less so — but Pearl Jam may go down as the worst.”

Yes. Pearl Jam’s not only Neil’s worst back-up band but one of rock n’ roll’s worst, most overrated, recorded bands of all time with 0-1, maybe 2, interesting songs in their catalog. Buffoon Rock 101 and Neil’s worst back-up band.


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#1 miguelito1 | Aug 24th Score:-8

It should be noted that kidchair’s neck of the woods was Utah. End of story.

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brjoro | Aug 29th Score:9

I just want to say thanks to you guys for doing this every month. I’m a 43 year old dude, married, 2 kids, full time job, etc. I still love the metal though. You guys have turned me on to SO many cool new bands. I am always excited to check this out every month cause it without fail gives me at least 2-3 things to geek out on! This month, Windhand, mother of god, wow! Great column keep up the good work and know that there are those of out there counting on you guys!!

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