Greetings From Your New Senior Writer

Greetings From Your New Senior Writer

Hello! I’m Chris DeVille. Starting today, I’m the new Senior Writer here at Stereogum. Ever since I graduated from Ohio University seven years ago, my day job has been writing about music and all kinds of other stuff for the weekly entertainment paper Columbus Alive. But you might have noticed my byline here at the ‘Gum with some frequency over the past year in a freelance capacity. Perhaps you caught my take on the Mumford-ization of popular music or my analysis of pop pariahs like Surfer Blood and Chris Brown. Maybe you read my dissection of crossover success through the lens of Deafheaven and Disclosure or looked back on The O.C. with me last month. Now I’ll be doing that sort of thing and much more on a daily basis alongside Scott, Michael, Tom, Claire, and Miles — and you guys, the Stereogum readers. I’m stoked.

If none of those old essays is ringing a bell, allow me to share a few of my dirty secrets to get you acquainted: I still live in my hometown (yes, I’m one of those people) and have never lived in New York, although I do go on the internet every day, which is basically the same thing. I have this terrible habit of compulsively plucking hairs out of my beard, so I can’t grow it out like I used to because it’s become too patchy, much to my wife’s dismay. I co-lead a Bible study and am in fact ’bout that life (but I try not to be about this life). When I was a child, sometimes I would beat my head against the wall when I got upset, which was frequently. I crack my neck hundreds of times a day, sometimes quite violently, but refuse to see a chiropractor. My favorite professional sports league is Major League Soccer. I’m color blind, so I thought peanut butter was green until my sophomore year of high school. That same year, future Stereogum contributor David Holmes let me borrow Radiohead’s OK Computer and Muse’s Showbiz on CD, and at first I liked Showbiz better. (Eventually I got that straightened out.)

Now that I’ve got all that off my chest, let’s get started with what we came here to do: dialogue about music. What album are you guys most looking forward to this autumn? For me it’s gotta be Drake’s Nothing Was the Same, although like Tom I’m bummed “All Me” didn’t make the cut. Hit the comments section to introduce yourselves and share your own most anticipated record of the fall.

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