Watch Arcade Fire On SNL: “Reflektor,” “Afterlife,” And “New Cast Member Or Arcade Fire?”

Watch Arcade Fire On SNL: “Reflektor,” “Afterlife,” And “New Cast Member Or Arcade Fire?”

Arcade Fire’s James Murphy-produced double LP Reflektor is just one month away, and tonight the band returned to SNL for their first television appearance (and first live gig outside of those secret Salsathèque shows) in support of the album. Before performing the monstrous new single “Reflektor” with Colin Stetson and Owen Pallett, they appeared in a game show sketch called “New Cast Member Or Arcade Fire?” where host Tina Fey had to distinguish band members from new cast members. (Tina on Win Butler “On the left we got some kind of a hipster Paul Bunyan? Could be a Civil War reenactor, or like a Serbian basketball player.”) For their second song, Arcade Fire debuted “Afterlife.” UPDATE: Watch it all below.

New Cast Member Or Arcade Fire?



A half-hour Arcade Fire concert special called Here Comes The Night Time airs after tonight’s SNL premiere at 1AM EST on NBC. (UPDATE: The special featured the debuts of “Here Comes The Night Time,” “We Exist,” and “Normal Person.” James Franco, Rainn Wilson, Bono, Ben Stiller, Michael Cera, Bill Hader, Zach Galifianakis, Jason Schwartzman, Eric Wareheim, and Aziz Ansari made cameos. You can watch the full concert special here.)

Reflektor is out 10/29 via Merge.

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