Stream Danny Brown Old

I’ve had the press advance for about a week now, and there’s a reasonable chance that Old, the new album from the Detroit rapper Danny Brown, is the rap album of the year — or, hell, the album of the year in any genre. It is an absolute monster, an expressionistic clusterfuck of hedonistic raunch, hard truth-telling, and ridiculous next-level production. It doesn’t exactly come out of left-field, since we’ve already heard a bunch of the songs: “Kush Coma,” “Hand Stand,” “ODB,” “Side A (Old),” “Dip.” But once you hear all these things together, it’s like: Holy shit. Right now, you can have that holy-shit moment for yourself, since the whole album is streaming on Spotify. Listen to it below.

Old is out 10/8 on Fool’s Gold. You may want to consider proceeding directly to “Lonely.”

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