Stream Solander Monochromatic Memories (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream Solander Monochromatic Memories (Stereogum Premiere)

We’re already heard the first two tracks from Solander’s Monochromatic Memories, a couple of folksy, melancholic post-rock gems called “The Woods Are Gone” and “All Opportunities.” If those songs didn’t get you excited to hear the rest of the LP, you must not have a thing for heartstring-tugging José González-reminiscent folk-pop songwriting couched in expansive, gorgeously conceived soundscapes out of the Sigur Rós playbook. Those songs sound like the best possible composite of the sounds we’ve come to expect from northern Europe (extreme metal notwithstanding) — that is, they feel like a fire crackling somewhere deep inside a frigid forest underneath an infinite sky.

The pair of singles belies the rest of Monochromatic Memories somewhat. Although there are other glimpses of that epic scope on songs such as “Hey Wolf,” “Monochromatic Memories,” and especially closer “Lighthouse,” the majority of the album leans closer to folk-pop than post-rock, applying the Swedish duo’s gifts for nimble melodies and heartrending arrangements on a smaller scale. Thus, fans of quivering creative singer-songwriters from Sufjan Stevens to Dolfish to fellow Swedish act Loney, Dear will resonate with Monochromatic Memories too. Submerge yourself in the album below.

Monochromatic Memories is out 2/3 physically via A Tendervision Recording.

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