Miguel – “Simplethings”

There are many good things about Super Bowl Sunday, but one big drawback was this: HBO yanked its original programming for the night, which meant we got no new Girls and no new True Detective. (It must be said, though, that we got to see both grisly, bloody, existential spectacle and squirmy, embarrassing comedy every time the camera found Peyton Manning’s face.) In lieu of a new Girls episode, though, the powers that be have shared “Simplethings,” the new song that buttery R&B king Miguel contributed to the show. It’s almost as good. We’ve already heard a new Jenny Lewis song and a new Cat Power remix this season, but I’m not sure either of them can quite stand up to “Simplethings,” which just melts. Listen below.

(via Pitchfork)

The soundtrack to Girls season 3 is out 2/11 on Atlantic.

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