Trent Reznor Calls The Grammys “A Waste Of Time,” Hints At The Fragile Reissue

As noted last year, Nine Inch Nails haven’t historically performed on TV that much, possibly because, as witnessed last month, Trent Reznor does not take kindly to less than ideal circumstances. Thus, the band’s upcoming episode of Austin City Limits promises to provide recorded history’s most consecutive minutes of televised Reznor. The episode doesn’t air until April, but PBS has just posted a clip of NIN surging through Hesitation Marks hit “Came Back Haunted” to stoke our anticipation. Watch below.

The full episode airs 4/5 on PBS.

In other NIN news, Spin points out that Reznor spoke at length to New Zealand’s 3 News about his infuriating experience at the Grammys, which he described as “a waste of time.” Regarding Nine Inch Nails’ abbreviated performance with Queens Of The Stone Age, Lindsay Buckingham, and Dave Grohl, Reznor quipped: “It was an amazing minute and a half, wasn’t it?” Other juicy tidbits from the interview: (1) The NIN live band has been pared from eight members down to four in order to focus on “more of the aggressive and electronic music that we haven’t played for a while.” (2) Reznor spent January working with Atticus Ross on the score for David Fincher’s Gone Girl, which spans from “noisy” to “mellow.” (3) Reznor recently discovered 40 demos from the same era as 1999’s The Fragile, some of which might make their way into a massive reissue of that album.

In other words, it’s a great day to be a Nine Inch Nails fan.