Washed Out – “All I Know (Moby Remix)”

The combination is a surprising one the first time you see it, but Moby and Washed Out really just represent two generations of chill, inviting, blissed-out electronic pop music. Despite how many of us harbor fond memories of Moby’s fired-up rave-era beginnings, his greatest commercial success (and maybe his greatest artistic success, too) came with the omnipresent 1999 album Play. “All I Know,” a highlight of Washed Out’s very good 2013 album Paracosm, could’ve fit pretty easily onto Play — as a drawn-out sigh after “Southside,” say. And rather than beefing up the beat, Moby’s new “All I Know” remix, concentrates on the song’s psychedelic elements, giving subtle emphasis to the melody and adding some acoustic and pedal steel guitars. It’s a pretty remix of a pretty song, and you can hear it below.

Paracosm is out now on Sub Pop.

Tags: Moby, Washed Out