Morrissey’s New Album Is Called World Peace Is None Of Your Business

Besides being treated to some of Morrissey’s trademark vitriol regarding hot topics royals and animals, so far this year we’ve heard about the 2013 beef king’s plans to write a novel, tour the United States, and release a new album on Harvest Records. Today he’s released official details on the latter: According to a post on Morrissey fan site True To You, his first LP since 2009’s Years Of Refusal is called World Peace Is None Of Your Business and will be out in late June or early July. Reports True To You, “Morrissey is said to be ‘beyond ecstatic’ with the album, all 12 tracks of which were produced by Joe Chiccarelli in France.” Here’s to a Moz album title every bit as curmudgeonly as we could have hoped, and here’s hoping we hear some of it soon.

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