Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we paid tribute to the late Oderus Urungus and celebrated 10 years of Madvillainy. The Black Keys returned with “Fever” and Black Lips’ Cole Alexander shared some interesting opinions on Lorde, Drake, and Macklmore. Chris reported from the front lines of the emo revival with a profile of Into It. Over It., who happen to be playing this year’s Lollapalooza along with headliners like Eminem, Kings Of Leon, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris. We recommended new releases from Future Islands and Kevin Gates. And we wanna remind you that Arcade Fire’s bobblehead is still missing so if you stole it please give it back.


#10 raptor jesus | Mar 24th Score:19

Your post is time stamped at 4:20

America’s Most Blunted

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#9 undergroundspoon | Mar 24th Score:20

Meh, this one’s just ok.

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#8 michael_ | Mar 25th Score:20

Lorde’s succeeds is fed by Chris Deville’s whole monogenre hypothesis. To your average pop fans, her music sounds smart, and to your more descriminatory “indie” listeners, her music and image isn’t as offensive as your regular pop star. She’s been spotted both palling around with Taylor Swift and tweeting Perfect Pussy lyrics. I think there’s maybe two or three pretty good singles on her debut, and the rest sounds the same, but that’s exactly the reason why she’s where she’s at today: She’s “pretty good” from all angles.

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Taylor Creery | Mar 24th Score:21

..I hate that I’m starting to resent the Danger Mouse more and more for his influences on producing.

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#6 johnnyfuckhead | Mar 24th Score:22

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Josh Robertson | Mar 24th Score:24

I like it because it the Black Keys, I hate it because it sucks.

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#4 austinrobert | Mar 25th Score:24

Actually, I wouldn’t mind hearing what Mark Kozelek has to say about Skrilly.

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Douglas Crystals | Mar 25th Score:25

So in other words:

“Lorde sucks cause she makes assumptions. But the assumptions I make clearly discredit hers so yeah”

“I like ignorant rap. Drake is not ignorant enough”

“Macklemore sucks though cause he kinda has an ignorant line in his rap song. I don’t like that. Plus, it’s racist to use pitched down vocals because pitched down vocals can only mean a black man’s voice. How ignorant of ryan lewis”


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#2 babyastronauts | Mar 25th Score:29

The reason I, as a white person, do not get offended when a black person calls me honky is not because I have white guilt. It’s because I have a level of self awareness to understand that “honky” was never a word used to enslave and degrade my race and carries virtually no power in society and never has.

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Eggy Chickingboy | Mar 26th Score:37

Worst. Lineup. Ever.

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#5 michael_ | Mar 24th Score:-7

If you publicly embarrass me (which he did,) I’ll return the favor. As for the reading, it’s always nice to learn more about the person and see if they truly are as every bit of the asshole you are assuming them to be, which it sounds like he is.

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#3 babyastronauts | Mar 24th Score:-8

hello there 2007 MGMT

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#2 miguelito1 | Mar 25th Score:-8

The flaw in Owen’s theory is that “Teenage Dream” is the worst Katy Perry hit ever, in my opinion – and that’s why it ended up kind of a minor hit compared to her others. Almost totally devoid of melody. Literally nothing musically interesting about it – I could deconstruct almost all of Owen’s loony points one-by-one. And he hates on the Sabbath “Paranoid” melody by comparison – what?! I’m a fan of most of Katy Perry’s hits but “Teenage Dream” was a hit for one reason only – the phrase “Let’s go all the way tonight”, which titillated 11 year olds.

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Stephanie Simons | Mar 27th Score:-14

I feel like shit for thinking it, but I’m glad this happened in Texas. :( RIP, y’all.

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raptor jesus | Mar 25th Score:13

Ke$sha meant to dial “Lips, Flaming” but accidentally dialed “Lips, Black”

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