Greys – “Guy Picciotto”

If you make post-hardcore music, Guy Picciotto is a good person to name a song after. Picciotto led the D.C. bands Rites Of Spring, Happy Go Licky, and One Last Wish before joining the already-in-progress Fugazi and serving as the wound-up, vaguely sexual yin to Ian MacKaye’s upright yang. He’s the producer of the two best Blonde Redhead albums and the owner of the most majestic unibrow in all of indie rock. He’s the motherfucking man. And now he’s the namesake for a charged-up new 90-second banger from the Toronto Band To Watch Greys. Greys just announced their debut album If Anything, and “Guy Picciotto” is the first single. Listen to it below.

If Anything is out 6/17 on Carpark.

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