Watch Weezer Play “Susanne” In Third Man’s Insta-Vinyl Recording Booth

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about the instant vinyl recording booth at Jack White’s Third Man Records. Brendan Benson recorded a song in it last year and Neil Young made his entire new album A Letter Home in the booth. This past weekend, the members of Weezer — who were in Nashville to play 1994’s self-titled “Blue Album” and 1996’s Pinkerton in full — crowded into the booth to record an acoustic version of beloved Blue-era B-side “Susanne.” No word on whether the vinyl will be sold, but on Twitter the band called it “one of a kind.” Watch clips of the recording session and mixing below, and check out all the fans’ phones…

Weezer’s new Ric-Ocasek-produced LP is due out this year. In the meantime, you might as well listen to the original recording of “Susanne” because it rules.

Photo via Third Man’s Instagram.

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