Warpaint – “Keep It Healthy (El-P Remix)”

Well, here’s an inspired pairing: a discordant New York underground-rap pioneer remixing a group of swirling, atmospheric L.A. alt-pop harmonizers. In his remix of Warpaint’s dizzy, insinuating “Keep It Healthy,” El-P piles on the concussive drums and ominous synth tones but leaves the song’s sense of mystic drift. You might not have thought to combine these two flavors, but they taste awesome together. This is exactly what a remix is supposed to do: Build on an original track by putting more ideas in, by finding new contexts for the sounds that are already there. Listen below.

Warpaint’s self-titled album is out now on Rough Trade, and the 12″ single of the “Keep It Healthy” remix will hit independent record stores in June.

Tags: El-P, Warpaint