Stream White Lung Deep Fantasy

Vancouver punks White Lung have been kicking around the DIY underground for years, but anyone who’s ever seen their brain-wrecking live show had to know they weren’t going to stay there forever. They’re born stars, and stars need to play on big stages. And so now the band has moved on to the relative big-time of the Domino label, and their new album Deep Fantasy, their third album overall but their first since slimming down to a three-piece lineup, is as bright and shiny and lacerating as a baseball bat covered in shards of broken glass. It sounds a lot cleaner than its predecessor, 2012’s Sorry, but that cleanliness has only added to the ferocity. We’ve posted the songs “Drown With The Monster,” “Snake Jaw,” and “Face Down,” all of which kick impressive levels of ass. And now you can stream the whole LP at Pitchfork.

Deep Fantasy is out 6/17 on Domino.

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