Interpol – “Anywhere” Live Video

Earlier this month, Interpol announced the impending release of El Pintor, their fifth album. And a couple of months ago, before they’d even announced the album, they debuted a couple of new songs, “Anywhere” and “My Desire,” live in Newcastle. We got to hear those songs as fan-made live videos, but now they’ve done us one better. We still haven’t heard the studio versions of any of those songs, but now they’ve shared a professionally done live video of themselves playing “Anywhere” in Brixton. For a pro video, it’s awfully heavy on shots of the backs of peoples heads, but it still gives us the clearest audio of the song we’ve yet heard. You will be shocked to discover that it sounds very much like an Interpol song. Check it out below.

El Pintor is out 9/9 on Matador.

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