Ultramantis Black – “Biomonster DNA” Video

Ultramantis Black is a pro wrestler and, for more than a decade, a standout in the great Pennsylania-based wrestling indie Chikara Pro. More recently, he’s become a recording artist, one who just released an EP of frantic blitzkrieg hardcore (with members of Pissed Jeans backing him up) on the metal giant Relapse. We’ve posted his song “West Siberian Path,” and now he’s got a video for “Biomonster DNA,” another minute-long thrash-out. In the clip, we see Ultramantis in action, in ecstatic slow motion, against fellow Chikara wrestler Ophidian (who you might remember from this). Joe Stakun directed the video, and it’s awesome. Watch it below.

The Ultramantis Black EP is out now on Relapse. And on Friday night, Ultramantis (along with his Spectral Envoy teammates Frightmare, Hallowicked, and Blind Rage) will wrestle the old-school monster heels of Sidney Bakabella’s Wrecking Crew at New York’s Stage 48. You should totally go!