Bloc Party’s Kele Announces New Solo Album Trick

Bloc Party is still a going concern, but frontman Kele Okereke went solo in 2010 with his own dance-flavored album The Boxer, and he’ll do it again later this year with a new album called Trick. Since recording his last album, Kele has gone deeper into the dance-music world, DJing every week, and the short Trick teaser he’s shared shows that influence. In the minute-long clip, you can hear bits of UK garage and of insular, intimate R&B. Below, check out that teaser and the album’s tracklist.

01 “First Impressions”
02 “Coasting”
03 “Doubt”
04 “Closer”
05 “Like We Used To”
06 “Humour Me”
07 “Year Zero”
08 “My Hotel Room”
09 “Silver And Gold”
10 “Stay The Night”

Trick is out 10/14 on Lilac Records.