Watch A Nine-Year-Old Win A Pulp Karaoke Contest Judged By Jarvis Cocker

Last week, we reported that Jarvis Cocker would head to New York to judge a Pulp karaoke contest at a screening of the documentary Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets. Imagine: You would have the chance to sing Jarvis’s songs to Jarvis! And maybe win something! Well, maybe you got a chance to sing in front of Jarvis, but you had absolutely no chance at winning. The contest was last night, and the winner was a nine-year-old named Graham Johnson, who honestly won the thing before he even sang a note, thanks to his strangely perfect mimicking of Cocker’s dance moves. Johnson sang “This Is Hardcore,” a song about mechanical and joyless sex, he generally killed it. Cocker’s verdict: “It was a little disturbing… but I will not forget that, ever.” Watch it below.

This is obviously the most Brooklyn thing that ever happened.