Kitty Raps, Gets Kawaii On A Pair Of New Tracks

Brooklyn-via-Florida rapper Kitty still hasn’t put out her debut album, still supposedly called flowerviolence, but what she has released so far has been mighty impressive. She could have easily been pigeon-holed into joke rap after the success of “Okay Cupid,” but she’s managed to rise above that and become one of the more intriguing up-and-comers out there. Most of what makes her so engaging is her knack for picking out interesting producers, who rely more on world-building over catchiness. On this year’s impatiens EP, her rap took a backseat to highlight the incredibly lush production. She’s shown a lot of growth in a short time and it only looks like she’s maturing from here. Today saw the release of two new Kitty tracks: one of her own and one from Chippy Nonstop. Her solo track “Love Me Not” is a one-off that appears on a Rap Genius compilation and it sees her rapping straight through the whole thing, something that she’s ventured away from on her most recent releases. Kitty gets to stretch out her rap muscles and it’s nice to see that they’re still intact. On “Me + You,” she channels kawaii and K-pop for a sparkling and insanely fun track. The song’s produced by Pat Lukens, who also did SZA’s “Ice Moon.” Both show different sides of the young artist and both work equally well. Listen to them below.