No Devotion – “Eyeshadow” Video

The former members of the British band Lostprophets have, uh, been through some shit since their ex-singer went to prison for sex offenses so vile that they’re hard to think about. But the other members of the band stayed together, forming a new group called No Devotion with former Thursday sing-screamer and current United Nations screamer Geoff Rickly. I talked to Rickly a bit last month about the way the new band came together, and he told me how it’s a needed new beginning for those guys, both personally — they had no idea their bandmate was such a monster — and musically, as No Devotion have left behind Lostprophets’ nu-grunge theatrics for dramatic, sweeping Brit-rock. Thus far, things seem to be working out. “Stay,” the band’s first single, was a #1 hit in Belarus, of all places. And “Eyeshadow,” its B-side, went top-10 in Japan. The band’s new video for “Eyeshadow” is a straightforward live-performance thing, and it makes the case that these guys can get it done onstage. Rickly also makes sure to note, as the song ends, that No Devotion are a “brand new band.” Watch the video below.

(via Noisey)

“Stay” b/w “Eyeshadow” is out now on Rickly’s own Collect Records.