Hear Two Unreleased Songs From Adele’s 21 Sessions

Adele’s 2011 sophomore album 21 sold crazy, ridiculous, unprecedented numbers for an album that came out this decade. It’s also a pretty good album! Rumor has it that Adele is working on a new LP called 25, and god knows this is the kind of thing that presumably has record-label execs up late at night, praying, with tears in their eyes. In the meantime, though, a couple of unreleased songs from the 21 sessions have made their way to the internet. “Never Gonna Leave You” is a fine piece of Dusty Springfield-esque retro-soul, and “You’ll Never See Me Again” is a sort of barnstorming torch song. Listen to both below.

(via Billboard)

Someone’s plans for a fifth-anniversary deluxe 21 reissue presumably got fucked up when these leaked.

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