Jon Hopkins – “Form By Firelight” (Feat. Raphaelle Standell)

Jon Hopkins has spent the past year-and-a-half messing around with tracks from his album, Immunity, whether handing them off to friends to remix or adding new vocals to certain tracks. In a few weeks, he’ll release a new EP called Asleep Versions that continues to see him adding and subtracting to his existing songs. One such track is a new version of “Form By Firelight” (which debuted on BBC Radio last week) that features vocals from Braids member Raphaelle Standell. She’s allowed none of the theatrics or vocal leaps that usually make up her own songs; instead, she fades into the rest of the music and becomes another instrument for Hopkins to toy with. Listen below.

Asleep Versions is out 11/10 on Domino.