Harvest Records Is Selling Knockoffs Of Morrissey’s “Fuck Harvest” Shirt

For the past couple of months, Morrissey has been waging a largely one-sided war against Harvest Records, the label that released his World Peace Is None Of Your Business album. Morrissey is now off of Harvest — he claims he was dropped — and then he wrote a long screed about all the ways the label handled the album wrong. More recently, Harvest has taken the album down from every digital service, possibly at Moz’s request. And now Morrissey’s backing band has taken to wearing “Fuck Harvest” shirts onstage. In a nice bit of return snark, though, the people at Harvest are now selling those very same “Fuck Harvest” shirts on their online store. It’s not clear that anyone will actually buy these things, but it’s pretty funny that they exist. Also funny: The other piece of band merch for sale on Harvest’s web store is from Death Grips, the other artist who left Harvest in the lurch this past summer. Weird year for Harvest!

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